Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Empowering Women

This is a "duh", but I want to talk about it anyways.  Krav Maga EMPOWERS WOMEN.  Yes it teaches you invaluable moves of self defense, but it also gives you confidence.  Now, I already told you I was a beginner, so in reality the "moves" I've learned in just a couple of classes are good, but probably won't be truly effective until much more practice and discipline takes place.  BUT. I am doing something for MYSELF that is both positive and useful!  I am interacting with other like-minded people.  I am getting exercise.  I have something in my schedule to look forward to, and it's just for ME!  How many things on a woman's schedule are truly for her?  The women I know have everything on their schedule but THEM! There are the kids and their activities, the spouse or significant other and his needs, the grocery shopping, the full time or part time job responsibilities, the car maintenance, the housecleaning, the family obligations, etc., etc., etc.  The women I know are amazing.  They get everything done and the people in their lives are better because of them.  They are strong, they are loving and they can do anything!  Those women also need something for themselves, though, and I'm one of them.

Making time for Krav Maga can be difficult, I get it.  I have launched myself into a new career at 42, I have a large house that needs lots of work with no one to share the responsibility with, I am overweight and struggling to get my health back and most days I am JUST PLAIN TIRED.  Amazingly enough, though, once I drag myself to class and DO the work - I feel great!  You carry yourself differently, you think differently and you feel different - not because I am suddenly some martial arts master (that's funny to even type) but because I am on a journey to better myself.  I overheard a conversation the other day on how no matter what, a woman is just no match for most men in a fight.  True!  I am not even a match for some women in a fight, but you know what?  I am better prepared than I was last year, last week and even yesterday.  I don't ever expect to out-power a man or anyone stronger, bigger and tougher than myself (no matter who you are there is ALWAYS someone better), but I can certainly learn to see danger signs, learn enough to get away, or out of a dangerous situation or at the very least make him THINK I am a force to be reckoned with!  Yuri, the co-owner and chief instructor at KMOC told me when I first met him that in an attack you have 3 to 5 seconds to react.  THREE TO FIVE seconds!  I believe in that time frame that ANYONE can gain the upper hand - even the victim - whether young, old, small, large, male or female.  This is what I want to learn.  This is why I'm here.  Plus, when you DO learn some new technique or just spend an hour hitting and kicking things - you totally feel like a badass!  And what woman doesn't want to at least FEEL like a badass from time to time?  LOL - it's the little things in life that make it all worth it.  I have also found that it is healthy to laugh at yourself, like for instance when you go for a high kick and fall on your butt.  Yeah, done it.  I've also had my own boxing glove come back and hit me in the face.  Perhaps I can just walk away with the ability to not hurt MYSELF anymore?  Maybe.

OK, on that note, it is time to get ready for Krav Maga class.  See you there!

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