Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Krav Maga = Anger Management??

I realized tonight that I handle anger a whole lot different than I used to. Instead of 'reacting' and having a hissy fit, I found myself going dead calm, paying attention to my breathing and going inside my head for a solution. I even consulted God about it. Is this a situation I need to remove myself from? Does this aggravation deserve a retort? and if so, what? My heart was pounding hard because it was difficult, but I decided to speak slowly and calmly, and in a low, firm voice. I definitely got my point across and although my response was noted (the person knew I was pissed) there was no yelling, and no argument. Not something I am used to. After about 10 minutes of awkward quiet, things went back to normal and it was over. WOW. It worked!
I used to be a little bit of a hot head when someone did something to upset me.  I didn't start fights, but I certainly finished them.  This situation is of course a whole lot different than one of my earlier posts where I talked about finding the inner destroyer - this wasn't an attack, it was just simply a irritating conversation I had with a loved one.  However, I really believe training in disciplines such as Krav Maga, boxing, kickboxing or any MMA - that it teaches you SELF CONTROL.  I was so much more aware of my surroundings, my physiology (breathing, heartbeat, etc.) and I was able to control the outcome much, much better.  It's true that if it is a dire situation, a much more aggressive approach is necessary and I would need to harness that negative energy differently, but if you think about it, having self control there is critical too - moving your body purposefully and with a level of control can be the difference between life and death.  Instead of just swinging blindly and kicking and screaming, you need to be able to identify weak spots quickly and take advantage.
The likelihood of me having to defend myself in a life threatening situation are hopefully low, but I AM faced with domestic challenges on a regular basis.  I love the fact that I can use my pent up energy in a positive way learning Krav Maga (come on, you know hitting kicking things in class helps with all that frustration, haha!) and walk away with a more level-headed attitude.  It totally balances me, and I am grateful.  And my friends and family are grateful, too.  ;-)


  1. Try it when you are 75. I don't look 75 so people treat me like I'm 60. They pound on me at Krav like they would with anyone else and I love it. It doesn't help to get mad or wanting to "get back" at the guy pounding on you. My inner calm makes me a better fighter. I use my Zen to win the fight, and train better.