Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finding that 'place' inside yourself

And NO, I don't mean your happy place or inner peace.  There is a time for that, yes, but in Krav Maga it is about finding that survival aggression, that exploding I'M-GONNA-DESTROY-YOU place because during an attack it is a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y necessary!

I stayed after class today at KMOC talking with some other students and my favorite politically correct instructor (HAHA), Doug.  (I love exploiting him!) :-)  We were discussing how Krav Maga is not your typical boxing-style training with slow self defense.  It is meant to teach the student to SURVIVE and do DAMAGE, to use everything you have inside you despite the unpredictable chaos and danger around you.  This type of training goes against everything we've been taught in society - and even at the gym!  We are taught to be polite, even-tempered and passive.  Really, we are, and this is great when you're dating or teaching your kid to drive, but if someone wants to rape you, kill you or mug you, you need to throw all that crap out the window and turn on your inner monster.  Seriously.  And we ALL have it.  Krav Maga can help you tap into it.

It doesn't show the Krav Maga moves necessarily, but it shows finding that 'place' that I'm talking about.  Here is a video clip from the movie "True Romance" that demonstrates how a small, defenseless woman CAN get the upper hand in an arrogant attack from a man. She doesn't use any hand-to-hand combat because she knows she will lose, but she uses her brain and other objects around her and never gives up. (Note: the attack is toward the end of the video clip - and click on the link not the picture) Yes, I know it is a movie, but the concept is the same, find that part of yourself that wants to survive, use your instincts for the situation and GO FOR IT.  Poor James Gandolfini really gets his ass kicked in this one...(warning: video is graphic and has language)

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